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My name is Robyn and I run Mr Watsons Cafe. My dad runs two businesses on the Northwick business centre and together we had an idea to start a cafe. My dads businesses are Watsonian Sidecars and Barefoot caravans. The showrooms attract alot of visitors, those visitors often ask where they can grab a bite to eat or enjoy some refreshments hence why we thoight of a cool and quirky cafe.

My dad has years of culinary experience and I have worked in hospitality from a young age, having worked as an events waitress, in a coffee shop and even as a bartender. I realised working in a customer facing job was something I really enjoyed. 


We brainstormed various ideas, and one day my dad had the idea of transforming a double decker bus into a cafe. ill admit i was hesitant at first but i was excided to get stuck in. In June 22, i was presented with a green double decker school bus. over the course of six hard months i spent hours renovating the bus. I ripped out old school seats and replaced them with rustic scaffolding boards. There was plenty of sweat and tears but it was all worth it.


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